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Shopify's native translation app is finally here!

How excited I usually am about Shopify. The fact they didn't have a proper native way to build multi-language stores annoyed me many times. Apps like Weglot worked fine, but as one of the most extensive eCommerce software companies, you would expect this solution to be integrated.

But... *drum roll* it is finally here. We tested it on our latest project The Change Starts. The initial idea was to use Weglot, but as the new app launched right before the deadline, we decided to switch and integrate Translate & Adapt from Shopify.

My first thoughts

After installing the app, the first significant benefit (as you may expect from a native Shopify app) is that you can translate your store within the dashboard instead of moving to a third-party website (like Weglot) to manage your translations. I like to keep things simple and in one place, which is a significant improvement if you care about this. Further below, I will share a screenshot of what this looks like.

The other thing that immediately grabbed my attention was how they handled the translation URL. When you switch to a different language, they place the language indicator behind the domain on a subdirectory, for example, In the past, this was impossible, and you needed to use a subdomain or keep the website domain as it was.

Shopify Translate & Adapt

A real benefit is Shopify has added this automatic translation. So you can translate your entire store with one click and start selling in other countries. You just have to tweak the mistakes or phrases you are not happy with, and you are good to go.

The interface is pretty straightforward. You can select a category you like to translate, like, pages, collections, navigation, and all your theme sections. And then, rewrite the content in the correct language or use the auto-translate function.

Shopify Translate & Adapt Screenshot

Last but not least, the app is entirely free for up to two additional languages. How generous!


I am thrilled that there is finally a proper solution to make multi-language stores within Shopify. The interface works perfectly, and it is easy to set up. Definitely take a look if you have a multi-language Shopify store or thinking about expanding your markets.

I will keep this article up to date when I find new benefits or limitations about the app. I just shared my first thoughts.