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Shopify as your CMS?

If you do not have an eCommerce business, Shopify is probably not the first CMS option that comes to your mind. But in this article, I will show you some powerful benefits the Shopify CMS offers and why it might be a good idea to build your website on it.

Unlike many other CMS platforms, Shopify is a hosted solution. This means the Shopify team fully arranges hosting, maintenance, security, email delivery, and all the other small "DevOp" tasks. So you never have to worry about all those things again. That means more time for creating the best user experience for your customer.

With Shopify 2.0 launched in the summer of 2021, the CMS became much more powerful and flexible. For example, you can now easily create and drag sections throughout your website. To give you a better visual understanding, check out the image below.

Shopify Editor

As Shopify is built for eCommerce websites, you can easily integrate your future eCommerce needs directly into your website. For example, your website software is ready if you like to sell gift cards, merchandise, or just actual products.

Since last month Shopify introduced Translate & Adapt, a native solution to quickly create a multi-language website. However, compared to other platforms like WordPress, you must buy a plugin from a third-party company. In addition, you must create an account, pay for updates, maintain the plugin, etc. A lot of hassle, which is not the case with Shopify.

So if you are in the situation to choose or re-platform your website, then take a look at the many benefits Shopify has to offer. If you need help regarding this subject, feel free to send me a message :)