Our existence goes much further than creating epic eCommerce experiences.

Ethical values
Ethical values
Ethical values


We strongly believe all species deserves the right to live, which is why we exclusively work with brands that work towards a cruelty-free world.


We don’t see differences in color, gender, race, or species. Everyone is beautiful and deserves to be treated with love.


We care about our beautiful planet and love to collaborate with brands that do good by nature.


We practice what we preach, keep it real, and care for long-term relationships to create a better future.

By helping ethical brands, we believe we can have a big impact

The reason we do what we do is that we have a huge desire to end animal cruelty which causes billions of animal deaths every year. As a modern civilization with so many alternatives, we believe this can change, and something has to be done.

That’s why we exclusively work with brands that share the same values. So we can work together towards a friendlier and more beautiful world.