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You can not build a sustainable eCommerce business with lousy products.

If you are playing the eCommerce game in the long run, ensure your product is solving people's problems and improving their lives. Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience last month, which I will share quickly in this article.

I ordered a microphone desk stand. It looked super solid in the pictures, the website looked great, and it was delivered quickly. But when I installed it and used it for a few days, it turned out to be a terrible quality product that did not even get the job done.

Due to this experience, I will not likely buy from this store again. Today, I was again looking for some stuff for my office and landed on the same website where I ordered my microphone desk stand. Because of this past experience, I clicked the website away and bought my needs somewhere else.

The moral of the story is that you have one chance to make a good impression. If you fuck it up somewhere in the journey, there is a slight chance that person is coming back. If you want to build a profitable eCommerce business, it is crucial to score good points on all the important factors.

If you don't, you will always rely on new customers, which is a losing game.

Roar Schouten
Roar Schouten

Founder World of Ethics, and on a mission to accelerate the plant-based industry